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First and foremost, you are coming to our region to remember, to honour the memory of those who died. For this reason, we devote considerable attention to the First World War.
But the Flanders Fields Country – also known locally as the Westhoek – has more to offer than that. It is a warm and welcoming region, full of beautiful scenery and friendly people. 

It is undeniable that the region was badly scarred by the First World War. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers were killed and many more wounded. Hundreds of military cemeteries, monuments and war relics dot the countryside: terrible reminders that the memory of this tragic moment in human history can never be erased. This memory must be kept alive and cherished, not only to ensure that it never happens again, but also in honour of the sacrifice of so many young lives.

Hundreds of cafés, restaurants and summer terraces will pleasantly surprise visitors. And the region is famous for its delicious, locally-brewed beers! Gastronomy in the Westhoek can range from a tasty local speciality, right through to star-quality cooking in a top restaurant. Wherever you go you will be pampered and spoilt, by a people famous for their warm hospitality.

The Westhoek is more than just an old battlefield. Nowadays, it offers a pleasing landscape, stretching from the flat polders of the coastal plain to the green hills along the French border. Nature is all around, making the region an ideal place to walk or cycle. Signposted routes and networks make it easy to find your way around. Authentic villages and delightful towns will charm anyone with a sense of history or a love of peace and quiet.
As you probably know… almost everyone here speaks your language. True, some speak it better than others, but everybody is prepared to give it a try!
In Flanders the native tongue is Flemish – also referred to as Dutch. There are some minor differences between Flemish and Dutch, a bit like the difference between the English spoken in Britain and the English spoken in America.

Hopefully, you will discover in near future the Flanders Fields Country.
You are certainly more than welcome.

'The Poet's House' is extremely well located to discover most of the war relics spread over Flanders Fields as well as many of the cemeteries and monuments located in the North of France.

For more info on the First World War click www.inflandersfields.be